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April 22 2017

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The Lilium Jet – The world's first all-electric VTOL jet

The Lilium Jet successfully completed its maiden test flight series in the skies above Bavaria. The 2-seater Eagle prototype executed a range of complex maneuvers, including its signature mid-air transition from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight.
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world pea shooting championships, lmao, the gear is amazing
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April 21 2017

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Well… the rains gotta stop somewhere

Oh my god, someone has footage of it! I remember one time my dad, lil brother, and I were leaving a Ryan’s. We were waiting for a chance to hop onto the road and in the distance we just saw everything turn grey. We saw it come closer and closer and come to find out it was rain!

It was just a wall of rain - the end of the rain, really. I’ve never seen it again, but it’s so cool to see footage of the edge of rain!

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More from frater Sam Harris, the non-declared chaos magician, KSC high Pope of the POEE! Amazing discourse. RAW would be proud, maybe.

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I’m crying

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I wonder if he has ever read about Chaos Magick, AOS, Discordianism

He’s a natural KSC!

Sam Harris, from “Waking Up” podcast #67

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Look around. Eris is BACK. And she’s FUCKING EVERYTHING UP.


LOOK what ye hath fuckin WROUGHT.


“Hur Hur, Eris coming back to the world will be great! It’ll be like, good times with my bros, capitalism’s going down and replaced with something rad, ladies putting their cha-chas anywhere they choose, and the laughter of a child, forever!”   -LDD spaglords

NO, DIPSHITS. The ancient Greeks WARNED US. Eris is a scary lady who might stab you. At any time. For reasons that would Blow Your Mind. And now she’s fully back in this world so she’s ripping around 2017 in a pickup truck, throwing bricks and cats and making a GOD DAMN MESS of everything.

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How on earth would you feed a city of over 200,000 people when the land around you was a swampy lake? Seems like an impossible task, but the Aztec managed it by creating floating gardens known as chinampas, then they farmed them intensively.

These ingenious creations were built up from the lake bed by piling layers of mud, decaying vegetation and reeds. This was a great way of recycling waste from the capital city Tenochtitlan. Each garden was framed and held together by wooden poles bound by reeds and then anchored to the lake floor with finely pruned willow trees. The Aztecs also dredged mud from the base of the canals which both kept the waterways clear and rejuvenate the nutrient levels in the gardens.

A variety of crops were grown, most commonly maize or corn, beans, chillies, squash, tomatoes, edible greens such as quelite and amaranth. Colourful flowers were also grown, essential produce for religious festivals and ceremonies. Each plot was systematically planned, the effective use of seedbeds allowed continuous planting and harvesting of crops.

Between each garden was a canal which enabled canoe transport. Fish and birds populated the water and were an additional source of food. [x]


(Fact Source) For more facts, follow Ultrafacts

This is literally so cool. Not only does it contribute to spacial efficiency, but the canals would easily keep pests, weeds, and possibly even diseases out of the respective plots. Companion planting and bio-intensive planting would be so much easier. Water-wise systems would be inherently present. Plus it looks so super neat aesthetically. I am just all about this.

Indigenous civilizations invented sustainable development way before there was a term for it.

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all i’m saying is that if the ice caps melt florida will be gone

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