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April 19 2018

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April 18 2018

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Amber doesn't fuck around
... Flint ist die Stadt mit dem Trinkwasserproblem und Standing Rock waren die Pipeline-Proteste der örtlichen Indianerstämme. ...
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April 17 2018

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Macron zu Besuch im EU-Parlament

Hintergrund's-Infos: Wenn man nur eine Minuten Zeit hat, kann man viele Probleme Europas nur in aller Kürze anreißen... Smiley!
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Marriage is not a love affair. A love affair is a totally different thing. A marriage is a commitment to that which you are. That person is literally your other half. And you and the other are one. A love affair isn't that. That is a relationship for pleasure, and when it gets to be unpleasurable, it's off. But a marriage is a life commitment, and a life commitment means the prime concern of your life. If marriage is not the prime concern, you're not married.... The Puritans called marriage "the little church within the Church." In marriage, every day you love, and every day you forgive. It is an ongoing sacrament – love and forgiveness.... Like the yin/yang symbol.... Here I am, and here she is, and here we are. Now when I have to make a sacrifice, I'm not sacrificing to her, I'm sacrificing to the relationship. Resentment against the other one is wrongly placed. Life in in the relationship, that's where your life now is. That's what a marriage is – whereas, in a love affair, you have two lives in a more or less successful relationship to each other for a certain length of time, as long as it seems agreeable.
— Joseph Campbell
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